Posted on February 26, 2019

Clubs can earn more per member in 2019 than 2018 thanks to secondary revenue or non-membership dues. Take your fitness business digital and switch on three new transactions to earn additional revenue from your customers in 2019.

Today it’s fairly commonplace for personal training products and class passes to be sold and managed online. Here’s three more transactions you can now do online with a customised smart phone app for your customers.

Subscriptions — make products, packages and billing easy

It’s now possible to manage all of the different types of subscriptions you need for your business in a more versatile way. Today a single online system can handle:

  • Monthly, weekly or annual subscription programmes
  • Flexible billing options: upfront, weekly, monthly, instalments
  • Multiple payment types: free subscriptions, credit card or direct debit
  • Auto-renewals or push notifications for your clients, to keep them in check
  • Multiple subscriptions at any one time for single individuals
  • Customised rates for different subscription packages by different audiences
  • PAYE at point of sale: transfer money direct to your staff for services delivered or to the club before automating a profit share between club and trainer
  • Review the success, income and popularity of any subscription using centralised reporting tools to make smarter business evaluations

Online shop — sell products to your members

Launch your own online marketplace via smartphone app. Deliver essentials direct to your members at home; from branded merchandise, to protein and home fitness accessories, you can design a complete online shopping environment for customers.

Operators can select from multiple vendors what products they would like to sell, choosing to be the direct vendor or partner with vendors to fulfil member orders instead. Once an order has been placed online and payment is received by the app, the vendor will be notified of the sale. The vendor is able to log in online to process the order and deliver it to the door. Calculating the profit share between vendor and operator is easy and the entire member experience is done through the app.

Virtual PT — online personal training

Clubs have been introducing online systemised programming for their members.

PT often penetrates fewer than ten percent of members for a club; members often feel that they’re ‘not ready’ or perhaps ‘can’t afford’ to choose personal training.

It’s not uncommon for members to engage in digital training programmes provided by other providers yet often completed in a clubs’ facility.  Why not design your own environment where members are supported by digital programming by the club instead; online, in club and at home.

Clubs using centralised digital programming to engage with members in alternate ways can increase PT penetration with members through the door and connect better with those not always in the club — at home members and business travellers consuming programming online can introduce a new revenue stream for the business.

Sold en mass to members for goal or sports specific outcomes, some clubs are launching a hybrid of live personal training and digital personal training. The outcome is an increased reach of members engaging with premium personal training services over the medium term.

Activating all of this is easy. The availability of digital templates, prompts, content libraries or dialling in your own content for a fully customised experience is quick and intuitive.

By connecting member behaviour across your subscriptions, online shop and personal training sales, you can make informed decisions about which programmes and virtual workouts are most in demand and promote accessory kits to accompany your workouts to sell in the online shop too. And that’s just for starters.

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