Posted on April 1, 2019

New technology is transforming the way the health and fitness industry functions and interacts with customers. Liz Terry catches up with operators around the industry for an update.

Fisikal and EZ Runner collaborated on a new system to improve the customer journey at Third Space.

Third Space wanted to enhance their member experience and streamline some of their operational processes during a three-phase systems upgrade.

In the first phase, a GroupEx booking solution was implemented and Fisikal built a custom-branded mobile-optimised member portal and integrated it into the Third Space website.

This gives Third Space full control over how the pages look and feel, to ensure a seamless experience for their members, whilst giving managers access to user-flow analytics.

Fisikal also created iOS and Android member apps that streamline how members manage bookings, while giving the company information their interests.

Third Space also wanted to change the way members are assessed and programmed, to leverage digital solutions and enhance the customer experience, so this was dealt with in phase three.

Colin Waggett, CEO of Third Space, said “Our members are increasingly looking for digital tools to support them in their fitness journey. Working with Fisikal, we have taken a huge step forward in making it easier for them to book classes, schedule Personal Training sessions and enjoy the Third Space experience.”

Did you replace an existing system?

Third Space wanted Fisikal and EZ Runner to integrate so they could benefit from having both systems combined into one solution, while taking their customer experience mobile.

EZ Runner manages all things relating to membership and POS, while Fisikal manages customer experience for bookings, assessments and programming.

Tell us about other improvements.

Functionality and data from both Fisikal and EZ Runner are pulled into the platform through APIs to give a streamlined customer experience.

Fisikal’s pay-scheme management solution has also been configured to calculate staff commission within a number of specific variables and to present the output in a variety of formats for Third Space.