Posted on October 26, 2020

The Value of Virtual – S&PA Magazine

The Fisikal business management solution enables operators to ensure Covid-19 imposed capacity restrictions are adhered to via an advanced online booking system. Total facility capacity and individual activities can be independently configured to set maximum booking numbers with automated alerts informing when near and total capacity is reached. Gym access timeslots can be set up in advance so that members can manage their own schedule whilst also giving everyone an equal chance of securing a slot. Specific membership types can also be assigned ‘booking privileges’.

Fisikal also enables the booking of individual pieces of equipment and unique ‘room mapping’ technology creates a ‘map’ of equipment positioned in a studio to show the application of social distancing. Via the app, members can select and book the exact piece of equipment they wish to occupy. 

Fisikal’s new, OPERATOR DASHBOARD, creates a single lens to view business critical performance indicators. Information displayed can be pulled from any number of third party applications. Dashboards are customised to display data directly reflecting the needs of the operator, enabling instant feedback on operational status and business performance.

Once the dashboard is created, regular customised reports can be run to ensure everyone in the business has a full, real time, understanding of the business’ status.

Existing customers can access all functionality now at no extra charge. New customers are invited to call for a no obligation consultation to establish which application is most suited to requirements

How important do you think technology will be in helping gyms get back to business?

Digital solutions will become the main differentiator in the market. Operators will need to successfully integrate a digital offer and deliver an out of club experience on par with an in-club experience. Access to branded, community focused fitness content anytime, anywhere will be the new baseline in consumer expectation. As operators start to generate revenue again, an ability to instantly access operational and financial performance will be critical to business recovery.

Do you think it will help operators and users get over the fear factor that will exist?

For members unable or unwilling to visit the facility, Fisikal offers integrated live streaming so they can still enjoy their favourite classes with familiar instructors, remotely. This functionality is complemented by an ability to host an unlimited library of on-demand classes plus pre-programmed and bespoke workouts