Posted on July 23, 2021

There are lots of digital business management solutions out there offering a
multitude of functionality but is there a single platform that can answer all of
your business management needs and be flexible enough to adapt as your
business evolves?

The answer is ‘yes’, through inbuilt functionality and an ability to seamlessly
integrate with other best in class providers, Fisikal can answer all your business
management needs

Fisikal: The one-stop shop solution

Stop wasting time trying to analyse operational activities across multiple
systems, making it near impossible to report and monitor key business
performance indicators in real time and instead, get streamlined to connect all
your digital environments into one central report.

Let the experts manage the personalisation of the customer journey, the
customisation of the digital experience and the utilisation of the physical-
digital hybrid model.

Click on the operations below to find how to take each digital

⁃ Bookings and payments
⁃ On demand and live-streaming
⁃ Assessments and programming
⁃ Staff management and education
⁃ Reporting and business intelligence
⁃ Integrations and custom development

Enhance the Fisikal core

Working with Fisikal makes you a part of the company’s eco-system, meaning
you benefit from each and every new feature, driven by client requirements,
built into the Fisikal product.

Always happy to collaborate, Fisikal can develop new functionality to suit
bespoke business needs. There are a wide range of customisation options
available for Fisikal customers, ranging from simple branding of our default
site, a fully branded, custom-built website and app combination right the way
through to custom development of the Fisikal back-end of your digital solution.

Get in touch today. We’ll listen to your requirements and work with you to
build a solution that suits your needs and your budget.