Posted on October 11, 2021

Digitalising assessments and workouts creates a means of delivering a much superior, personalised member experience. It creates efficiencies for operators to spend less time on administration, whilst having the benefit of being able to analyse member’s performance and progress.
Here we look at key factors you should consider when choosing the correct platform for assessing and programming your members. It’s important to choose a flexible product that will be the right fit for your business and give your members the best experience possible.

Can you profile your members digitally when they join or at specific points in their member journey?

Personalising the member journey with profiling questionnaires is extremely powerful.  It is important to learn about your members, so you can personalise the services your offer and make business decisions based on realtime data. Profiling questionnaires are not just for new joiners either. These should be triggered to send at key points in a members timeline, ensuring your members are receiving ongoing support all the way through their member journey.

Do you have a standardised approach to assessments?

Creating bespoke digital assessment templates for different groups of members gives operators hugely insightful data. Having a standardised approach gives clarity to what data is actually captured and gives consistent data that can be filtered and analysed consistently. Taking assessments online also means trainers and members can review progression and visualise the engagement  and success of their programmes.

Can you and your members track progression digitally?

Reflecting on performance progress is as important as setting performance goals. Without reflection, it’s very difficult for a client to understand and track the return on their training effort, an important metric in motivation and maintaining the exercise habit. Members being able to log sets and reps completed in a workout, should be a key factor when choosing a digital platform. Operators can then view members statistics and can ensure that members are staying on track and progressing as they should.

Does your platform offer on-demand content for members to view?

Providing On-Demand content digitally means members can be taken on a bespoke, custom branded fitness journey, centred around them. This provides a really superior personalised member experience. Members should be able to view content the way they want, when they want. Filtering workouts for member further personalises their experience this could be by trainer, duration, mood, equipment or goals.

What digital workout types can your platform provide?

Having a system cater for a variety of different workout types, give flexibility and enables you to provide a variety of workouts to engage more of your members. Some members like to interact with on-demand classes, where others like to be guided through a workout step by step and follow the screen. Other members like to be programmed with their specific sets and reps and like to log their actual metrics as they are going though the workout. It’s important to select a platform that is continually innovating programme delivery as this is something that all fitness businesses should be offering to their members.

Can your members and trainers log sets and reps?

All workouts should be broken down into fine detail, recording precise exercise prescription supported by resistance, intensity and duration recommendations. Members should be able to interact with workouts and log their sets, reps and weights foreach exercise as they are working out. Members and their trainers should then be able to see their progress on specific exercises, so they can measure the effectiveness of the programming.

Does your digital platform provide a variety of content types?

Choosing a platform where operators can deliver a variety of exercise, nutritional and behavioural change content to members through an app or web based platform elevates the member’s experience. Content types could include digitial workouts, video classes, audio files and PDF documents. Check this is something your platform can deliver.

How does the platform deliver content?

Can your platform deliver content at various times? Can it be grouped into daily or weekly blocks, then configured into specific timelines for specific audiences to achieve their goals. Timed programming can be delivered to a member when they join, buy a specific membership or after they have and assessment. This type of member engagement is extremely powerful – so worth checking that the platform you are considering has this functionality.

Can you analyse your members engagement with programmes and view their progressions?

As an operator can i really see what is happening with my members Assessments, programmes and progression in real time? Business intelligence dashboards enable operators to visualise how members are interacting with specific programmes. Information can be generalised to summarise interaction or operators can go into the granular detail on exactly how and how often members are engaging with their content.