About Us

Founded by fitness expert Rob Lander, Fisikal is one of the most respected health and fitness technology companies in the industry.

Rob started as a personal trainer 25 years ago working with celebrities and high-end clients in London and specialising in training motor racing drivers. After maxing out at 50 sessions a week, with little time to focus on his diary and the financial side of his business, Rob believed that technology would be able to leverage his time more efficiently. Rob wanted to be able to automate his diary, remind clients of appointments, keep a record of all sessions and finances and support his many clients with programs and behavioural change reminders.

The idea was built and Fisikal (fiscal – iCal) was born.

In 2011 Fisikal was launched.

The team grew and soon started selling the system into Health Clubs in the UK. In the last 7 years clients all over the world from Health Clubs, Studios, Personal Trainers, Fitness Education Companies and Fitness Product Manufacturers have asked for more features and the software now has over 50 separate modules.

How it all began

Rob Lander CEO

Rob has over 20 years experience in the Health and Fitness industry, as a former personal trainer who built a successful business of 50 sessions per week. Rob has also spent many years as an international presenter lecturing on “Technology in the fitness industry”.

Rob was the guy with the problem and is the content matter expert. Rob started with little knowledge of technology other than the vision that one day we would all be using it for many areas of our lives.

Organisations all over the world now come to Fisikal seeking our advice on how systems and processes can be optimised. As Rob has worked in all areas of the Fitness Industry this gives him multiple perspectives to help advise on how solutions could be created but also with his advanced knowledge of technology – what the future holds and how we can adapt internal processes so they can leverage technology efficiently.

Emma Excell COO

Emma heads up the operations team. Emma has over 4 years experience in investment banking and over 14 years international property development. Emma has a degree in economics, provides business analysis, digital marketing strategies and project management skills.

Emma is charge of everyone at Fisikal and we like it that way. Emma keeps us all in check and has great vision for the products and how they are executed.

Mike Asplin CFO

Mike heads up the finance at Fisikal. Mike has over 20 years experience in investment banking focused on derivative trading. Mike has 9 years experience as an active Business Angel and non-exec board positions.

Mike is the guy that always makes his wife a cappuccino at a specific time and in a specific way every day of the week. He is the person that keeps all the finances in check, making sure we stick to budgets and are as efficient as possible within the business. He also shouts at us when customers pay us late, so please be nice and pay us on time!

Anton CTO

Anton started his engineering career in 2008 at Itransition. Graduated from Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics of Belarussian State University in 2011. Anton has worked on projects of various sizes and technologies, including web, mobile applications, Facebook apps.

Anton joined Fisikal shortly after Yegor and he started by building our first Trainer app which we started in 2009 – just 1 year after the iTunes App Store launched! Anton has skill set that crosses both front end / back end and mobile app development. Anton innovated the new cutting edge framework that Fisikal now operates on and is the font of knowledge for all things Fisikal.

Yegor Systems Architect

Graduated from Belarussian State University at 2011 (Mathematics, Information technologies). Began as a server side developer and was swiftly promoted to lead developer. In his capacity as a team lead was responsible for key components development, project initiation, planning and successful execution.

Yegor has been part of our team since the beginning. Yegor other than being good fun to be around has an enormous knowledge of technology across the board. Yegor has a skill set which is very rare that covers both web and mobile at the same time. Both Yegor and Anton were personally responsible for overseeing a team of 8 full time web developers deliver FKL 2.0 which took over 2 years as an internal project. At the same time we were on-boarding new health club chains and making all their custom refinements in parallel.

Anton and Yegor both had one of the most popular downloaded games on iTunes App Store for many years – Cham Cham / Road Hog!

Ivan - Lead Web Developer

Ivan is a specialist in Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Percona, Redis, Sidekiq, RSpec, Capybara, Cucumber, HTML,CSS, SCSS, LESS, JavaScript, jQuery, ReactJS, Phusion Passenger, Unicorn, Nginx, Docker as well as a whole host of other technologies as well.

For those that don’t understand the technologies listed above, Ivan is in charge of overseeing our team of developers to make the web platform operate seamlessly and continue to innovate our solutions. Ivan is super smart and has a great eye for detail which means that he is able to understand and execute custom requirements with lazer precision.



Taleh - Backend Web Developer

Andrei - Lead App Developer

Andrei is an extremely experienced C#NET and Xamarin developer, which means he is super proficient at making native mobile applications. In fact he is one of the top 3 Belarus GitHub C# developers! He loves open source development!

Andrei has a Specialist degree (between Bachelors and Master degree) Faculty of Computer Systems and Networks Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio-electronics, Andrei is also working towards his Masters degree too.

Andrei is our newest team member at Fisikal and the guy in charge of our mobile development team. Andrei has helped us delivery many custom branded mobile applications for our client and is also making sure our own apps leverage cutting edge solutions wherever possible – to keep us ahead of the competition.

Rob - Integrated Portal Developer

Rob is a specialist in HTML5, CSS3, SASS, LESS, PHP, Javascript, JQuery, WordPress, WooCommerce and lots more. Rob works with Fisikal to help create custom integrated user portals that brings the functionality in Fisikal to life in external environments embedded within our customers own website or as part of their own website.

Rob has a strong eye for detail and a very broad experience of working with a diverse range of clients to help them created integrates portals and stand alone websites over the years. Rob is also one of the early innovators of WordPress and generally nice guy!

Mel Spooner - Consultant

After graduating from Loughborough University with a Management Sciences degree and a PR Week Award, and with the intention of carving herself a path in PR and internal communications, Mel’s career evolved instead in commercial and operational functions in the sports and fitness sector as a direct result of relationships and success stories along the way. Driven by her innate passion for business and the industries Mel has grown to love, 2014 witnessed the launch of TPN, experts in business development and project management for sports and fitness brands.

Mel brings to the business a 15-year career history handling global responsibilities for some of the biggest brand names in the sports and fitness industry and having consulted for many of the top 100 health club chains in the world.